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The International Family Offices Journal

Editor: Barbara R Hauser

Publication dates: Quarterly

Hard copy ISSN: 2398 - 5402

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  • Linda Bourn, Crystal & Company
  • Keith Drewery, Drewery Consulting
  • Mary Duke, Adviser to Families
  • Aditya Gadge, AIWMI
  • Katie Graves, Withers
  • Dennis Jaffe, Advisor 
  • Raimund Kamp, Guidato Family Offices
  • Eugene Lipitz, Commodore Management Company
  • Alison Springett, Farrer & Co
  • Vanessa Theos, Sandaire

Here's a flavour of what you can expect in this issue:

  • Russian in-depth country analysis 
  • Unexpected consequences of a perpetual trusts 
  • Feature on Family trusts that preserve family and trust 
  • Find out why fiduciaries fail family-controlled enterprises 
  • Analysis of FATCA and CRS - Combined compliance requirements 
  • Helping prepare Asian families to deal with conflict 
  • Managing declining capacity 
  • Factors when choosing a private trust company jurisdiction 
  • Family office profile, VALUEworks - an interview with Kecia Barkawi 

Regular features: Meet the board, Luxury corner, On wealth, Book review & News digest from STEP

To save 20% discount on your first year's subscription and a free 400 page ebook.

The International Family Offices Journal

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  1. Exclusive content. Specially commissioned by our top-flight editorial board, this material simply isn't available anywhere else.
  2. Our editorial board. We are working with some of the biggest names in the industry to bring you relevant, timely information to make sure you stay at the leading edge of the family office community.
  3. Support from STEP. We are delighted to announce that each issue, starting with the very first one, will contain a selection of STEP News Digests - an industry news round up from worldwide sources and experts.
  4. International approach. This is a global industry, and there are no geographical barriers to the news and views we bring you.
  5. Breadth and depth. We include full coverage of the topics that matter to you, often in heavyweight, substantial articles. Areas addressed include:
  • The variety of family office models and structures
  • Governance and regulation
  • Investment approaches
  • Succession planning
  • Cyber security and technology
  • Country and office profiles

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